Basic philosophical questioning poses the questions, where are we? What is going on? Who am I? As an artist, an approach is made towards tackling these existential questions. I aim to create work that is rich in narrative as it opens up possibilities rather than solutions. For the last several years my focus has been on diversity, by increasing my repertoire in various mediums and techniques the exciting opportunities in creating connections drives my practice forward. My goal is to move fluidly between materials, methods, and genres as I create art that is not only self-reflective but considers the environment and the ways in which we inhabit it, creating art that provides occasion for contemplation and perhaps change. At the core of every art work there must be an idea, the materials, processes, and methodologies are chosen to highlight the concept and best tell the story.



As a self-taught painter, I made the decision in 2011 to seek out instruction in sculpture. I am currently pursuing a degree at OCADU in the Sculpture and Installation Program. Should you wish to see a further portfolio of paintings and or sculpture please contact.