adjustable time-lag

adjustable time-lag, 2016. 

Low fired ceramics, granite, velvet flocked wood stump, baby babble track emitting from pot.

     The beginning of pottery can be traced to before the neolithic period. When Palaeolithic man discovered he or she could use earth and fire to make containers to aid in the storing, cooking and consuming of food the gap between man and animal slowly started it viscous stretch. We extract stone from the earth, wondrous machines have been built to cut and polish. We exert our dominance on the earth with our cars, our buildings, all of which prove evidence to our industriousness. All the time we use mythology to explain our world views, spinning stories to teach a lesson. I aim to peel away at the layers of time and perhaps create a sort of time line that may be as fluid as our concept of time. What world view do we hold and how did it get that way? The interior of the pots are not what one expects. The strangeness help create a shift into another world, an alternate, timeless galaxy. The sound coming from a pot is an endless loop of baby babble. I aim to highlight a special time in an infant's development where speech is incomprehensible yet full of vowels and somehow recognizable. The infant loves to hear herself and expresses all the emotions that are required. The monument has been chiseled away at and the wood stump is recognizable yet covered in a strange texture. These visual choices work towards questioning our concept of time and how it can become fluid if we just change our point of view.