when i forgot to breathe

when i forgot to breathe, 2016.

steel, cast glass, wires, potatoes and light bulb. 

     Exploring material and pushing it to speak about a current world view, I often find myself reflecting on extraction and consumption. The earth provides sustenance as do the elemental materials I most often work with. Labour transforms the elements into an art object. I aim to create a loop that refers to not only a finished product but the processes that are in invested in raw material. The organic leaf-like glass structure was perhaps once a window pane that is slipping from its frame. A soft glow illuminates the glass as powered by the process of metal being conducted by potatoes. The religious feeling of the sculpture speaks to a desire to reorder the world, one where the spiritual is found in the beauty of a leaf and the magic of producing electricity with a humble potato and metals. The work is imbued with layers of meaning as it moves through self reflection and an exploration of material.